The CBH Superannuation Fund (The Fund) is a complying employer sponsored superannuation fund. The Fund was established in 1945 and now offers only accumulation style superannuation benefits, however prior to 2000 defined benefit superannuation entitlements were also held by some members.

The Fund is an employer-sponsored fund and CBH assists in keeping costs down by making a financial contribution to the Fund and providing office accommodation and facilities for staff.

The Fund is operated and managed by CBH Superannuation Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 84 433 159 328), a company whose sole purpose is to act as a Corporate Trustee to the Fund.  The Trustee is responsible for the management and investment decisions of the Fund.  You can view the Trustee company's constitution by clicking here.

The Fund's assets are held separately from the CBH Group, by the Trustee, for the sole benefit of members.

The Fund’s philosophy is to keep our costs to a minimum to ensure that high fees and expenses do not erode the benefits you receive.  The Fund is managed solely in the interests of members.  All earnings after deduction of tax, costs and provision for reserves are held in Trust for the benefit of members.

The Trustee consists of two employer appointed, two member elected representatives plus one independent director.  Their role is to ensure that the Fund is managed responsibly and in your best interests. Elections for member representative Directors are conducted as required by law.  Details of the election procedures are available here.

The Fund is governed by a legal document called the Trust Deed which sets out the rights and responsibilities of all participants in the Fund and outlines the rules under which the Fund is administered and benefits are paid.  As circumstances change, it may be necessary to amend the Trust Deed (e.g. to reflect changes in legislation). You will be informed of significant changes to the Trust Deed in our regular newsletters throughout the year and the Annual Report to Members.

You can view a copy of the Trust Deed by clicking here.