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World leading medical advice through Best Doctors

What is Best Doctors?

Best Doctors is a unique medical advice benefit available free to members who hold insurance cover through CBH Super. Best Doctors gives you access to medical advice from the world’s leading physicians. It’s for everything from back pain to minor surgery to serious issues like cancer and heart disease. With Best Doctors, you can have a leading international expert review your diagnosis and treatment plan to make sure it’s right.

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Quick Facts



Accessing Best Doctors

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To submit questions to a GP online visit

  • Click ‘Register’, enter ‘MLC’ as the Insurer and
  • Select ‘Income Protection' through employer’ as the product.

You can also call 1800 388 097 for further information.

Who is eligible for Best Doctors?

If you hold any insurance cover with CBH Super, you, your partner, your children, your parents and your parents-in-law all have access to Best Doctors.

Best Doctors services

Best Doctors won’t cost you anything. As a member of Best Doctors, you can:

  • Have an expert specialist conduct an in-depth review of your medical case - It’s like a second opinion, only better. Best Doctors collects all your records, images and test samples. Then an expert physician confirms your diagnosis and treatment plan or recommends a change. You get a full report that you can share with your treating physician if you choose.


  • Get expert advice about medical treatment - You can call Best Doctors for answers to basic questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. No more wondering what steps to take or relying on Internet searches. You get a personalised response in about five days from a doctor who fully understands your particular situation.



  • Put your questions to local GP (Doc Online) – Best Doctors has a team of experienced Australian GP’s who are there to answer your questions. Simply submit your question through the member portal and receive a response with 48 hours.


Second opinions are common protocol in the medical field and your treating doctors will welcome the insights and views of top international specialists.

Best Doctors is 100% confidential. CBH Super and MLC will not receive any information about your call. And you don’t have to travel or hunt down medical files. All you do is call Best Doctors. They do the rest. They’ll even help you decide which service you need. All at no cost to you.

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