How to Join our Fund

CBH Super is always happy to have new members join our Fund. We welcome membership from:

  •  employees of the CBH Group and associated employers, including Blue Lake Milling;
  •  WA Grain Growers (including directors, partners and trustees of the grower) and employees who work for the grower; and
  •  spouses of any member of the Fund.

Enjoy the benefits of low fees, being able to talk to someone directly and good investment returns. You can even stay with us if you move jobs and have your new employer make contributions to your account. Plus we offer optional insurance for Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and Salary Continuance Cover should you be unable to work.

You can easily rollover any existing super balances to us and keep all of your super in one place. And once you are ready to move into retirement, you will have access to account based pension options.

Contact us if you would like to discuss your superannuation or choose one of our categories below.