CBH Employees

All CBH Group employees and eligible employees of associated employers can join the Fund from the commencement of employment (there is no need to wait for any probationary period to expire before joining the Fund) or at any time after this while still an employee.

An associated employer is an employer that has been approved by CBH and CBH Super to admit employees to the Fund.

How to join

To join the fund is easy.

  1. Read the Product Disclosure Statement.
  2. Complete and return the Application for Membership via email to donna.adam@cbh.com.au, CBH internal mail or to CBH Super, GPO Box L886 Perth WA 6842

Once you’ve returned your application form, we’ll take care of the rest including notifying payroll.


If you need any help in understanding the application process, please call Donna Adam on 9237 9707 email donna.adam@cbh.com.au.