You can join our fund today if you are a spouse of an active member of CBH Super (including growers) or a retained member (former employee), A spouse can be someone of the same or different sex to whom you are legally married to or who lives with you as a couple. You get all the same benefits including competitive fees and personal service and only need to contribute $20 to set this up.

Joining the Fund is easy

  1. Make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement,
  2. Then complete and return the Application for Membership - Spouses form via email to donna.adam@cbh.com.au CBH internal mail or to CBH Super, GPO Box L886 Perth WA 6842

Once we’ve received your application form, we’ll take care of the rest and will send you an information pack which will include all your member details and details on how you can make contributions.  Should you wish to consolidate your other super accounts; we can show you how to do this too.

 If you have any questions during the application process, please contact us. You can visit us in our West Perth office or call or email us directly on 9237 9707 or email donna.adam@cbh.com.au