Growers can complete an Associated Employer Agreement to be accepted by the Fund and CBH. Upon acceptance, the owner and any person employed by the owner will be eligible to join the Fund.

The owner means:

  • Where the grower is a company, any director of the company;
  • For a sole trader, the registered grower;
  • For a partnership, any partner; or
  • For a family trust, any director or trustee of the trust.

How to join

To join the fund is easy. 

  1. Read the Product Disclosure Statement
  2. Complete and return the Associated Employer Agreement
  3. Complete and return the Application for Membership - Growers for each new member

Detailed instructions on how to join the fund are listed below in the 'How to Join the Fund - A Guide to Growers'.

Return the forms via email to, or to CBH Super, GPO Box L886 Perth WA 6842.

Growers can also open a membership for employees who don't advise an alternative superannuation fund by paying contributions to the Fund.

Once you’ve returned your Associated Employer Agreement and Application for Membership form, we’ll take care of the rest. Once the Associated Employer Agreement is accepted by the Fund and CBH Group, your membership(s) will be set up and we’ll send you a welcome pack including how to make contributions.

If an employee does not advise an superannuation fund, the grower can open an account on behalf of their employee by paying contributions to the Fund .


If you need to make an urgent contribution, please call us on 9237 9707 for further information. Information to make contributions will otherwise be included in your new membership pack.

If you need any help in understanding the application process, please call Donna Adam on 9237 9707 or email